Why Choose Coral Springs BJJ?

1. Our instructors are qualified. Our instructors have the skills and the paperwork to show for it. Most schools don’t even have full time instructors. Our main instructors are full time martial artists.

2. We have a written curriculum. Our curriculum follows a system that has been tried and tested and is backed by one of the top teams in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu around the world. Most other schools don’t have and don’t follow a curriculum, so neither their students or instructors know where they are going with their training or improvement.

3. Our school produces champions. We not only belong to one of the top teams in the world of BJJ, but our local schools have produced world class champions in different belt ranks. Most other schools can’t produce champions for a lack of curriculum and strategy. Some other schools try to showcase champions, but beware, these fighters weren’t produced by the school, rather they joined the teams afterwards. That’s why it is important to show a couple of champions from the white belt to the black belt fighter.

4. We allow you to set your own goals at your own pace. Many people quit training because they got hurt during sparring against a hardcore partner. We believe you should not be forced to spar if you don’t want to. We have training for all needs, from the competition level, to self-defense, exercise, or just as a stress reliever.

5. Our prices are NOT unbelievably low. Many schools offer a low price, but also low quality of service. Their mats are dirty, their instructors can barely speak English, and they can’t manage their school well. This amounts to huge headaches for the students. Our mats are cleaned every night after training, our staff is friendly and organized, and our instructors are certified and speak English fluently. Remember, you get what you pay for; so next time you see a “discount school”, that should raise alarms.